Okay whats this new thing on facebook now !!!!?

Answer New update, I hate it already so far.It's getting too confusing now T.T

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Whats this fine thing everyones doing on facebook anyone got a link?

.It's a group called my fine is..and all you have to do is add up the numbers for the amount of things on the list you have done+ then post it.You will understand if you add it lol ...........

Is this whole video okay- and does my hair and makeup look okay?

you look fine! i dont see a problem with your makeup or hair.if you really want some critism then maybe give your hair a trim so its more fresher and will be more makeup well because i ... Read More »

How is this new 'bra' colour thing on facebook trying to confuse guys :S?

Whats the best thing and worst thing about your job?

Best Thing: Helping people through their difficulties.Worst Thing: Dealing with cranky, upset, angry, in-denial patients; and patients who weren't warned by their doctors that examination and tests... Read More »