On Ebay, do sellers have to leave feedback for you?

Answer Most sellers wait for the buyer to leave it first, to show weather they are happy with their item.Feedback is optional and not all leave it.

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Can sellers on ebay leave negative feedback?

No, and here's eBay's reasoning:Why are sellers only allowed to leave buyers positive Feedback? Buyers can only receive positive Feedback because of their role as a customer. In addition, when buye... Read More »

Does anyone else get annoyed when sellers on eBay expect you to leave them feedback first...?

Whenever I get that email I always respond by saying that once I receive the product I will leave appropriate feedback, but since my end of the bargain is completed they can feel free to leave my f... Read More »

How can eBay sellers have diabolical customer service and still get 99.6% feedback?

One reason why I would never use any site like eBay.You don't know what your getting till you get it!If it's wrong then you have got the hassle of trying to get areplacement or your money back.Call... Read More »

On Ebay, how long do you have to leave feedback?

The rules were changed. The old rule was feedback could be left for 90 days but the new rules changed that to 60 days. EBay stated less than 5% of feedback was left between 60 and 90 days in the ... Read More »