On Facebook, how does someone's profile become avaliable for you to see if you didn't add them as a friend?

Answer Well, some profiles are private and some are not. If you dont add someone but you are still able to see their profile that means that their profile is not private.

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Facebook friend list under profile picture are the people who view your profile most?

I believe the few people who pop-up as a preview of your friends when you open up your profile are the profiles YOU view the most/a lot. This is what I have seemed to observe when I look at my prof... Read More »

How do you know if someones sent you a friend request on facebook?

If someones name comes up under a spanish facebook profile does that mean they are from spain?

Hmmm, i'd becareful! Just because she has a spanish name doesnt nessacerly mean she is from spain! Should could be from mexico, portugal, etc... But if she is keeping her id safe, maybe she is a ca... Read More »

On facebook if youve been looking at someones profile who you used to be friends with?

No you can't be detected just looking at someone's profileFacebook doesn't allow that