On Facebook, what does the green dot mean?

Answer Green dot means that they are online. This can be for almost any device.The mobile symbol means that they are logged in on a mobile phone but that doesn't mean that they are using or not.

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What does the green dot on Facebook chat mean?

Why is there a green dot by my name on facebook I am offline for chat!?

Turn it off and then on.It maybe some hangup.It means you are on-line

What has happened to the green dots on facebook chat?

It's A Blip... That Doesn't Happen To Me.. =)

On the Facebook chat bar when someones on it has a green dot but sometimes it has an icon with a number....?

The "m" stands for "minutes," and all this means is that they were on Facebook on. Their mobile device however many minutes ago. If the icon is a green dot, they are currently on.Answer mine please... Read More »