On Facebook when people say like for an lpc what does lpc stand for?

Answer im not sure but i think it stands for Looks, Personality and Comment. i am not to sure about the Comment.

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Does anyone else get annoyed when people "like" lots of facebook groups?

Yes it annoys me because you can't hide their 'likes' without hiding the person. At least with things like MafiaWars and Restaurant City you can choose to hide the application so that when people ... Read More »

What does (a) mean when people put it on facebook?

(y) is a thumbs up on MSN and (a) on MSN creates an angel emoticon.

What does it mean when people Poke you on facebook?

It's just a friendly way of communicating on facebook. Less personal than a message or a post on your wall. It's quite a common way of saying "Hi." It is generally intended as being a friendly inte... Read More »

Do you find it stupid when people like their own statuses on facebook?

it's like giving yourself a high-five in public(: