On facebook if i update some of my 'basic info' will it appear in the live newsfeed?

Answer Nopes, Work and education and relationship status are the only sections that appear in newsfeed.btw, even if you update something and dont want people to see, then update and go to your profile imm... Read More »

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How do I make my relationship status appear on my facebook about me info?

Step 1)Get a life, stop caring about social networking sites as if your life depends on it.Step 2)Done give yourself a clap.

How do you add spoken languages to basic info on facebook mobile?

Its very easy.. You have to go to 'info', then click on 'languages', then enter the languages and then 'save' it.. And its done..

If I delete a Facebook friend, will I still appear in their friends list?

No, if you delete them, you will be removed from their friend list and they will be removed from yours.

ARGH ok I will ask my question again. I WANT to update my computer can some 1 help me?

hi leanne theres never been a better time to upgrade your p.c as the rpice of p.c components has dropped dramatically over the last few months so we will start with the graphic card... Read More »