On facebook, what is a photo tag request what does it mean and what does it do?

Answer It just means that someone as put your name with the pic of you on their or your profile. Like if youve ever seen a photo when u put the mouse on their face and their name pops up, that's because t... Read More »

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What does it mean if a guy doesn't accept your friend request on facebook?

If he doesn't really know either of you very well, what it most likely means is that he looked at your profiles, your interests, how you use facebook, and liked her profile and didn't like yours.Th... Read More »

What does 'tag photo' mean on facebook?

It means that the persons name will be shown underneath the photograph, also a link will show up under the photograph which means a person can access that persons profile from clicking on the link.... Read More »

If you ignore someone's friends request on Facebook does it mean they sub you?

No. If you "ignore" someone's FR on FB, it means you are not accepting their FR. That's it. They are not "subscribed" to you. They are not notified that you did not accept their FR.

What does embed a photo mean?

Not 100% but im 90% sure it means store it to your phone/computer