On facebook, when you're writing your status or a message, how do you create the little heart?


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What is the point on writing on someones Facebook wall when you can just message them?

Ppl on FB are attention whores. They love the publicity and eat it up. Ok so people would post things on other pols wall say a photo of them or a status update of what they were doing. Next thing u... Read More »

Does it bother you when someone likes your sad or angry status on Facebook?

I think your taking it the wrong way. It sounds like they are just saying "I hear you".. I personally, when I click on the "like" button is because I simply agree with the statement they are saying... Read More »

Can people still message you when you deactivate your Facebook account?

No, they can't, because when you deactivate your account you temporarily disappear from Facebook.

How do u do the little love heart sign on facebook?

All of the symbol on a key board have a special code called and "Alt Code" to type a sybol with out having a key for it simply press your "Alt" key and type the number code. For you heart... ♥ Ho... Read More »