On my PC,I cannot remove my record of blocked pop-ups.I have windows XP.How do I do this?

Answer Try Ccleaner;http://www.ccleaner.comIt removes stuff that windows washer misses and its free.

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''Windows cannot open this file'' !?

Make sure the file extension is .jpgthen right ciick the pic and choose 'open with' and try a program like 'paint'. If paint opens it, you should also be able to right click the pic and chose 'pre... Read More »

How do i remove the standard cd player in the corsa c i have got the security keys but still cannot remove?

Check that you have the right keys - they are u shaped and it does take a bit of tugging to get it out

I have windows XP on my laptop,but I cannot find word?

Word is not a part of windows XP, it is a separate program that you need to buy - usually as a part of "MS office"

When starting windows i recieve an error message that my copy of windows may be illegal. how do i remove this?

go to microsoft update and get validated .or your windows.