On my PC,I cannot remove my record of blocked pop-ups.I have windows XP.How do I do this?

Answer Try Ccleaner;http://www.ccleaner.comIt removes stuff that windows washer misses and its free.

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On windows MSN how do you know if someone blocked you?

Add them on another address or something that doesn't involve your name. if they're online when they accept that invitation but they're not online on your actual e-mail address, then theres your an... Read More »

If someone has me blocked on windows live?

heythey can still see your stuff..if you don't want them to see your stuff block them toobye

If someone has blocked me on windows live?

heyif you are blocked you cannot send IM messages or see the contact online...also his picture or PM do not change..BUT you can send emails...seeya

Windows live acount blocked?