On myspace what does it mean when u go on someones profile and it says 'in your extended network'?

Answer According to Tom's FAQ, "So and so is in your extended network" refers to the fact that everyone on myspace is connected indirectly through a friend, and that friend's friends, and that friend's fr... Read More »

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On Myspace. what does it mean when u look on someones page and it says they "are in your extended network"?

Extended network means they are a friend of a friend.Its pointless because Tom adds everybody in the start so basically everyone is a friend of Tom so everybody is in each others 'extended network'.

Myspace - What's an 'extended network'?

if someone is in your extended network is SUPPOSED TO mean that the person is either your friend, or a friend of a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend, to a certain degree of separation. H... Read More »

Myspace...extended network..?

There's a new way to edit your status.. from your home screen, scroll down to just under your info.. It should say blah blah blah is in your extended network.. and under that is a little mood ico... Read More »

MySpace extended network Pictures?

When I used myspace, I used if you google "myspace banners" it comes with a long list of sites you can check out. Hope this helps.