On social networking sites, how do people get to over 500 or 1000 people?

Answer No not really I have 627 friends and I know all of them . But not all are good friends if you what I mean . I have been to many schools and coolages that's why maybe?But trust me you don't want thi... Read More »

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On social media, social networking sites, what is the correct way to add people?

Why do people assume you have no friends if you use networking sites?

People assume that people who use social networking sites spend all their time on the PC and don't get out much, it sure is possible to do both but people like to assume these things. It's not your... Read More »

Why are sites social networking sites like facebook and twittter so popular is this a good or bad thing?

Social networking sites are popular because they appeal to everyone.The difference between them and the 'gaming' websites you talk about are that the gaming sites NARROW their target audience! It a... Read More »

Should over weight people be paid to slim down say £1000 a stone?

Funny that you should ask this: I had the same thought a couple of months ago. There could be a foundation like there for other causes. Rich, thin socialites and their husband could pay thousand... Read More »