Only new to the computer any one know how i can talk to people other than q and a?

Answer Yes phone me here is my number

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Do you know any other good auction sites other than eBay?

the main alternative for buyers and sellers is ebid.CQout is also gaining ground. If you're a buyer you can bid at ubid as this is surplus stock from companies being auctioned off

Does anyone know of any other internet/online auction sites other than ebay?

You could try OZtion - I don't know if it's any good though, I've only ever used ebay.

Why are some people more photogenic than other people, is there a reason?

1. I think it could be inherited? Like the genes from the parents or so.2. Depends on how you pose. Different postures will make the light hit you in different ways3. Maybe its just you thinking th... Read More »

I want to find a chat site were i can talk to other people on line?

Visit this site