Other people's photos from websites on Facebook?

Answer Depends, if it is a picture of the person that the fb account belongs to, it would look creepy for you to take it and use it for your own. If its a picture that they took from somewhere else and it... Read More »

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If someone blocks you from facebook does that stop you from finding their page in other peoples friends list?

That is correct. it blocks all further communication with them as well as searching for them anywhere, including your friends. etc

Does anyone know any websites where it can make me go and see peoples facebook profile even if i havntadedthem?

Uploading photos to Facebook from my Blackberry --> photos-public, automatically, yet in my settings all?

1. Go to your privacy settings on facebook.2. Control privacy when you post> Click Friends onlyDo the above, and your post will be posted for your friends only.Facebook desktop version on mobile ? ... Read More »

Is it OK for other people to put photos of your children on Facebook?