PLEASE HELP!!! How to limit my profile on Facebook?

Answer you cant

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My facebook won't let me change my info box (Below profile picture) - Help please!?

Yeah that's been happening because if you look at the whole "facebook thing" everything is being changed and they are fixing every ones box so they made it so that no one can change their box becau... Read More »

Help please with facebook problem. I wish to add doorbell on my profile but it keeps saying error try later?

Theres a doorbell on facebook?I didn't know that.It sounds like another one of their glitches i don't think there is alot you can do till they fix the problem.Ive actually signed in and had a look,... Read More »

Question about accepting friends on Facebook - can a friend limit how much of their profile friends see?

Yep, you can put any person (or any group of people) under certain restrictions on Facebook. I should imagine its not very nice being on the receiving end of it but I certainly have some people on ... Read More »

How do you delete a facebook profile Please answer?

You have to go to the upper right corner of any page you're on and you'll see a tab that says settings(in between your name and logout). The last option says "deactivate account" which means delete... Read More »