PLEASE HELP What Type of Internet speed should i have?

Answer I would have thought as being a serious gamer you would know that wireless connections cause serious lag and a hardwired ethernet connection would be your fastest data transfer.However having said ... Read More »

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Brand new computer has really slow internet speed please help?

The most likely problem is interference to the WiFi signal.Although WiFi channels are numbered 1 - 11 or 1 - 13, each actual WiFi signal takes several channels so only 1, 6 and 11 are usable (or po... Read More »

Is this right should l have got paid Please please help.?

It is up to the individual company if you get paid when you are off sick.The only thing they have to pay, by law, is Statutory sick Pay (SSP) but it is only payable from day 4 onwards.

What should i do, my pc as become very slow please help if u have any idea?

hi lily this is a problem that happens to most p.c users after a while,and it can be due to many things including spyware,virus infection and sometimes hardware lets start with spyware,... Read More »

What type of internet connection do you have?