Partitions in Windows Vista?

Answer if you right click on My Computer ... and select Manage ... and then Disk Management ... Vista allows you to resize partitions on the fly ... you can shrink your current drive then create partition... Read More »

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I have windows vista and recently updated my windows live, now i can not access windows messenger, help plzzz?

Safety or Tools, go to addons and make sure it is enabled.

What's Windows Vista like Reviews.. I want to buy a laptop but have to convince my mum that Vista is good! x?

Vista is a rushed product and it shows!seriously,if you're not a geek,you could spend HOURS just trying to find things like disk clean, or disk defrag.they're hidden in places you wouldn't think to... Read More »

Im just about to buy a laptop and i can have windows xp or windows vista,which is better?

That's a quandary. But I've heard a rumor that MS has had so many complaints with Vista that they are upping the development of their next version. So, I'd select XP to hold me over until then. But... Read More »

Hi I have windows Vista home premium os now I want to install windows xp professional?

It is possible, but first you must check that you can download the XP drivers from your computer manufacturers web site.Go to Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management.There will be ... Read More »