P.c. has started running really slow . . . havent done anything diffrent . . . any ideas how to sort diagnose?

Answer well it might be because you have got a lot of files on your pc like music files, and it slows pcs down. but if it isn't this, you might just need a new pc.

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Why has my computer started running slow?

very shortly you are gonna have a zillion updates to download, this will help.also go to system tools and free up some space.

Google chrome has started running very slow, fix?

Urgh that happens to me all the time. I just have to suffer using Internet Explorer if i wanna use something with shockwave.

Can someone help me with this code. I have only one day and I havent started working on it yet. :(?

My pc is running very slow after i got infected with a virus any ideas why?

go to majorgeeks.comdownload avg for antivirus and malwaredownload ad-aware for spywarethey are both free and goodwhy pay moneyyou also have spyware