Pc is so slow. how speed up?

Answer There are a number of different answers that could be given here. It all depends on the state of your computer. If your computer is older, it could probably use more memory, especially if it's ru... Read More »

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Is download 996kbps speed and 464 upload speed good because all my youtube vids are loading really slow?

No, YouTube requires between 2-5 Mbps download.You should contact your internet service provider about the speed issues you are experiencing.

If the train track gets bumpier in effect with increasing speed, why is it that your car bumps less when you go over a speed bump fast instead of slow?

Actually, if you drive fast over a real speed bump, it's not good for your wheels and suspension. The springs in your car do protect the car from some of the effects of the bump, but not all of the... Read More »

Why do people who are not exceeding the speed limit, slow down for speed cameras?

the same morans that slow down to 10 m.p.h. to look at accidents on the side of the road.

If my cpu speed is to slow?

Then purchase a new CPU. The game may not let you install it. If it does then it will play, but will play slowly.