Pencil Torch Uses?

Answer Pencil torches can be used for just about any purpose requiring a concentrated cone of flame: jewellery making, soldering, quick plumbing repairs and heat-shrink tubing projects are all suitable fo... Read More »

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LED Torch for DIY?

Light emitting diode (LED) flashlights have essentially replaced the old-style glass bulb and C-battery flashlight because they are smaller and provide better lighting. More significantly, however,... Read More »

How to Prepare an LED Torch Pen?

Torch pens, also called light pens, are convenient to store and carry, fast to access, and perfect to illuminate small spaces like your front door keyhole, inside your computer's hard drive case, o... Read More »

What Is a Citronella Torch?

Pesky, biting insects can ruin an otherwise pleasant summer evening. In addition to the discomfort and annoyance that these insects cause, their bites can transmit illnesses such as West Nile viru... Read More »

Cannot Get Rid of this Topic Torch?

go to add/remove programs have a scroll through and its probably in there. Highlight it and click on the remove button that should sort it out. I had a similar thing like it a couple of years ago.