Phantom upload from my macbook when using T-mobile broadband surfing on safari Any ideas Why?

Answer .......Mobile Internet, Mobile Broadband and Mobile TV - T-MobileMobile internet on the move from T-Mobile. The latest in mobile phones, mobile internet, mobile broadband, mobile TV and email.http:... Read More »

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Is it free to video call the usa from the uk using facebook video call when i am using sky broadband?

Currently there is no charge on facebook for video chatting as it is all free.

I can't access Facebook from my mobile - it says I'm using a bad IP address More details attached..any ideas?

Same here, my network is Orange. The captcha image keeps loading but never shows.I guess they have blocked a range of IPs which has included us. Will try again later to see if its lifted, bare in m... Read More »

Can other people use your dongle if you're not using it Mobile broadband that is.?

If you allow them or if it is a pre-paid, Yes. Dongles arn't as secure as ADSL, Ethernet or Cable

How to upload photo from mobile to library computer?

Go to an Internet Café or Printing Store, they should be able to help you retrieve the photo off of your phone via bluetooth or other means.