Phone call about internet misuse ?

Answer If you have computers or game systems, one of them may have picked up some malware. A$$holes will put out "funny" things that act like trojans, carrying payloads that turn your equipment into bots... Read More »

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Misuse of internet, email and work time ?

Check the disciplinary procedure to see if they give any examples of what they count as gross misconduct - if it is listed then they can argue that you should have been aware of this. Otherwise it... Read More »

How to Block My Phone Number on AT&T When I Make a Phone Call From My Home Phone?

Caller ID block is a feature that enables users to hide their phone number on the caller ID of another phone. AT&T home phones offer two types of caller ID blocks: temporary caller ID block and per... Read More »

I just missed a phone call from target for a job could I still call back and get the job interview?

Yes lots of people miss calls It's no big deal just call back. The longer you wait though the more annoyed they may be. Like if they are waiting for a few days

I had a phone interview and they said the would call me in 2-3 days but the didn't shall I call or not?

If you are really keen on the job, then yes you should call to get a confirmation of how the interview went :)But please be prepared for a disappointing answer, since they probably haven't called b... Read More »