Photo synthesis regulates atmosphere?

Answer u r kind of confusing me but what it is that plants take in CO2 during photosythesis and produce oxygen. so plants and trees. etc. help reducing CO2, where there are lots of trees and plants etc. t... Read More »

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What is the relative insulating value of various levels of vacuum For example, how insulating is 1/2 atmosphere as compared to full atmosphere?

Amazingly enough, air's ability to carry heat doesn't change much as you reduce its pressure and density as long as you stay above about a thousandth of atmospheric pressure and density. That's bec... Read More »

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Who runs & & who regulates what is blogged?

Hi there,Every time someone registers a domain name. Whether it be or, they must provide their details to the organisation that runs the Domain Name System, ICAAN... Read More »

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A washing machine's water level is regulated primarily by a pressure switch or water-level switch. The switch sends a signal to the control console to shut off the water inlet valve when water in t... Read More »