Playing a video without domplayer?

Answer Domplayer is new technique, to sucker you out of $3.the videos you download, which happen to be playable only with domplayer, are all either cheap porno or blank video , which have been renamed to ... Read More »

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Is it possible to have a pre-recorded video playing instead of a live thing on video call on MSN?

Yes it is, people on stickam and other cam sites do it all the time to try and trick others into doing things. Special cam software that allow for desktop sharing can do the same trick.

How can I Capturing a video playing on on the screen?

Help,no sound playing a youtube video?

I'm not familiar with your particular problem, but it seems tobe getting pretty common. There are questions just like this nearly every day now on Yahoo.So I did a whole lot of searching and readin... Read More »

Playing streaming video in windows vista?

Hi, you can just view streaming videos in your web browser, like IE, Firefox...