Playstation 3 help.....?

Answer The only thing I can find is this:Going Wireless:"Procedure: Sigh. It seemed so simple at first. But then that connection error. Neither the manual nor the Sony Web site provided any help. It wasn'... Read More »

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When does the playstation 4 come out in the uk?

it is going to come out before christmas, so im guessing november or early december.

How to Repair Playstation?

Before repairing a Playstation game console, troubleshoot the console according to the repair manual. Send the Playstation to a qualified repair person to ensure that it will be repaired if trouble... Read More »

Playstation network still down (UK)..?

It's was back on yesterday or the day before.

How to Connect Your PlayStation to an LCD TV?

While video game fans were unable to enjoy game play on the old projection screen televisions because of signal burn in that would leave game graphics permanently embedded on the screen, LCD televi... Read More »