Please Help!! Facebook Blocked!!!!?

Answer card number? address? why would facebook need these things?the answer is they dont. you need to download some antivirus programs and restart in safe mode and run them from there. you definitely got... Read More »

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How can get on facebook when its blocked at school any ideas please?

you get cracking on your studies is what you is not a playground sweetie, i'm tired of my tax dollars going to waste, now get busy and learn something!keep the surfing irrelevancy to y... Read More »

Ipad blocked, please help :(? you stole it?Either way i'll report this to yahoo and the police...seems suspicious.


If you make a gmail account you can link ur hotmail to it and get all ur emails from hotmail sent to ur gmail! U just have to keep updating it on the settings! I did this because mine got blocked a... Read More »

HELP on how to cancel my 'BLOCKED' hotmail account please!!!!?

Then get the access code sent to your Yahoo email.At least you know that one works!