Please can someone help this computing exam style question?

Answer #include#includevoid main() { int a, b; a=4; b=10; if( a == b) { printf(" This is false "); } else { printf(" this is true "); } getch();}in UNIX, you don't need to include conio.h file and you h... Read More »

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Please can someone help me answer this question question is you turned on a computer,?

I see a question, a homework question, do your own homework it's all in what you are being taught at school / college.

Can someone please help me with this question as time is against us.?

it shouldn't really be "too late" - what about those people who don't discover they are pregnant till thety have a baby on the bathroom floor??

NPV AND IRR QUESTION I have an exam tomorrow and was wandering if someone could help me, thankyou?

Good luck for your exam.EDIT: I was going to leave a cynical answer, but I am feeling like a sympathetic git.Listen up, this is straightforward BS. if by this point you don't understand this, you n... Read More »

Should I sit this actuary exam. Please help. 5 stars for best answer!?

You asked this same question before. I am giving the same answer I gave before:CT1 is one of easiest papers in the whole CT series. I recently passed CT1 along with CT2 and CT7. I have some backgro... Read More »