Please can someone tell me how i change?

Answer In order to display a real picture, you must first have a Yahoo! 360 account. Go to your profile and click on "Edit My Info." In the picture section, the second option should have a link that leads... Read More »

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Please can someone tell me a time when they have sold something successfully to someone, ideally a customer.?

Yes I used to sell fitted kitchens a long time ago. Really interesting work and good commission for a successful sale. I'm not really sure what you are looking for in your question? Is it how to ... Read More »

Can someone please tell me why my pc keeps turning its self off, its not loose wires so please help?

not much info there. any error messages?could be overheating to msblast virus. need a bit more info like exactly what happens, when, what operating system, how. regards

Please Can someone please tell me if this is a virus?

an hijack is when your browser such as firefox is taken over by something nasty and it won't let you change you home page it always changes it to some obscure search engine or website it's better k... Read More »

Can someone please tell me if this is true?

Pimples are caused by a sebaceous gland getting blocked by dust, make up, or anything else. Glands are just as alive, as the person living with them. The sebaceous glands are kept alive and nourish... Read More »