Please help!! How to delete Facebook contacts from iPad?

Answer I think by going on to the calendar and click on the person's bday. Then press edit on the birthday and on the bottom there should be a button saying delete event but you will have to do it one by ... Read More »

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Did my friend delete me on facebook please help?

i think he deleted you. possibly by accident though. try looking at his profile though and if it says "add as friend" obviously you are no longer friends and if it doesn't say anything like this th... Read More »

IPad Facebook text delete?

I would be inclined to uninstall then reinstall the Facebook app and see if that works, before you do though, check the app store to see if there are any updates for it. I get a lot of niggly issu... Read More »

transfer of contacts from laptop to iPad?

Install iTunes and use that to sync contacts, pictures etc. to the ipad, the contacts may be tricky depending on what form they're in on the laptop but iTunes can handle a lot of formats. My dear f... Read More »

Is it possible to delete a Facebook page on a iPad?

I think so if u can go to fb on it u can delete ya fb on it