Please help I'm being bullied online via hidden/secret comments/media?

Answer I believe he means someone hacked his system and is playing mind games.Is that what you are trying to say ? Somone remotely accessed you system and is poping up messages on your screen ?orAre you s... Read More »

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How can I help a child who is being bullied Answers from adults and children needed?

It's so good to see that someone who is some sort of authourity in a school has taken some interest in a child that is being bullied and is actually listening and wanting to help the child.Just kno... Read More »

I get bullied at school about what i look like. and i have really low self esteem.. please help.?

If you ignore people, look away from them and look uninterested then they often become bored of teasing you. If they think it affects you, then they will do it all the more as it is their idea of f... Read More »

Please help!i am trying to start my own shop online.i would like to try an online clothes store in scotland...?

You'd be much better off getting hosting with or somebody similar- they can offer working shopping cart solutions, 24/7 expert help and very reliable hosting. You'll also need a profe... Read More »

Is she being bullied at work ?

Report it to the HR department of the restaurant chain or the responsible manager. She needs to report this incident in detail as to what happened, when, any witnesses etc. This is for her own prot... Read More »