Please help me... Dont think about my bad English.... My computer brand is acer ..... Acer fg?

Answer Hello,You need to be a little more clear with your question.What is it that you have a problem with and need answering?

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How do i get "Acer eRecovery" and "Acer Empowering technology" back on my acer laptop?

If you haven't formatted the recovery partition...1. Power on the machine.2. At the ACER BIOS screen, hold the “Alt” key and press the “F10” key simultaneously to start Acer eRecovery. The... Read More »

Acer aspire boot problem please help?

Possibly a faulty hard drive or there is no OS installed. Also could be a ram problem.

How To Get The Mic Working On The Acer Aspie 5532 .. PLEASE HELP?

Hi.If your mic is disabled or not working or not set as default here is a way to tell.Right Click your volume speaker icon (Bottom right ).Select recording devices.Right click in the pop up window ... Read More »

Problem with my acer aspire 3000 !! please help?

you will find that it is "up to" 4MB downloads. you can only download as fast as the uploader goes. even Microsoft and big companies like them let you download at something like 22.5 kbs to 35kbs. ... Read More »