Please help me! It's about jealousy?

Answer Talk to your mom about it! Maybe she will switch them because no 9 year old needs a phone anyway.

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How to deal with jealousy?

The green-eyed monster takes on many different forms. You can be jealous of someone else’s car, job, spouse, home, income, holiday or even haircut. Shakespeare said this monster “doth mock the ... Read More »

How to Get Over Jealousy After an Emotional Affair?

Although feeling jealous after an emotional affair is normal and common, it can be difficult to move on, both personally and in your relationship. After your partner has admitted to the emotional a... Read More »

Signs of Jealousy in Friendship?

Jealousy occurs between two friends when one person is jealous of what the other one has in her life. This can occur when a friend is jealous of your career, the amount of money you have or a relat... Read More »

Signs of Romantic Jealousy?

A little bit of jealousy is common in the majority of romantic relationships. However, when the jealousy gets excessive, it can be extremely destructive and even ruin the relationship -- for good. ... Read More »