Please help me help others Twitter users only:)x?

Answer Firstly I'd like to say what a great thing you are doing for other peopleI personally like the idea of offering support for people in society who are suffering.I have now started to follow you on t... Read More »

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My switch users button is missing and i can't change users.The guest account is on and administrative is missi?

Press the Windows Key and L at the same time. This should take you to the user selection screen.But the easy way is just to get your daughter to log on and reset the administrative password, then ... Read More »

What Famous People on twitter RT or tweet your back on twitter . And how do you get Alot of tweets?

follow me on twitter and ill follow you back!@obvjessica

Any good people to follow on twitter if so what ones......please leave their twitter names:) thanks?

Oh! I know one girl I follow on twitter. She's friendly and funny ^_^ her twitter is @teddycore7 She'll talk to anyone.Also @FreddyAmazin Annddddd @ColorMeLizzi18 They're all really cool people :)

How do you make FRIENDS on twitter/will somebody be my twitter friend?

I recently just got Twitter back also, I think you just need to be interesting, confident or funny etc etc I like films, johnny depp and vampires too :P@DannyChadbone