Please help me with my wireless router!! I'm an idiot.?

Answer Have you run the installation CD for the Belkin? You need to configure the Belkin for your high-speed access -- most DSL is PPOE and requires the userid and password configured on the Belkin.

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Aaargrgh! Can't connect to net with wireless router on laptop! Please help!?

First off, try rebooting everything (including your wireless router... wait about 5-10 minutes before turning everything back on). If you've already tried that here's something to see:1. Is your ... Read More »

Wireless router - Help Needed please?

you wireless router is not connecting to the Internet service provider .you need to get it set up properly by somebody who knows what to do with it .or just follow the set up procedure again

My Asus X54C doesn't detect wireless router, PLEASE HELP!?

update the wifi adapter and type in the network id on the router

My laptop can't connect to the wireless router then it says limited access only. help me please?

When you have 'limited access', that usually means the computer is connected to the router, but the router is not connected to the internet. It can also mean that something weird happened with you... Read More »