Please help! re: saving audacity MP3 files on disk.?

Answer To begin with you need to understand the difference between an mp3 file and an audio CD. An mp3 file is a FILE and your CD or DVD will accommodate the files to the available disk space. An Audio CD... Read More »

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Having trouble saving jpg files from Flickr - they only save as gifs - help please!?

Go to MS Paint and save the image with JPEG format. Hope that works!

Laptop Disk Space Problems...PLEASE HELP?

Buy an external drive, put all of your videos, music, game exexs. etc onto that, defragment your C:/ drive and it should be ok.You should have at least 1/3 of your C:/ drive free to allow for Windo... Read More »

What letter to change disk drive to Please help!?

Open up Disk Management. Go to Performance and Maintenance within Administrative Tools.You can remap the drive using any letter other than C (reserved for the boot drive) or A and B (reserved for ... Read More »

Toshiba laptop disk drive question please help!?

hi there,its possible the drivers are not installed for you laptops dvd drive, if you are running windows 7 above, try using windows update, possible it may have the drivers for you there.