Please help ! what's wrong with my internet! is it the modem or the network company ...?

Answer So your PC (obviously windows operating system ) can connect wirelessly to your router. First make sure you are in range as some wireless adaptors vary in strength. Secondly go to internet connecti... Read More »

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If you have a modem with one Internet company will that modem work with another Internet company?

No it wont.Modems now contain a chip inside them that will only work on that provider's systemwhich is registered to your account and phone number.The days of using any old modem are well long gone... Read More »

What is the strongest output modem for wireless network,eg internet?

You might want to rephrase your question as a Modem is a piece of equipment that turns data into a signal that can be sent over a phone line.I think however you are asking about using Wifi over a d... Read More »

I was jump starting a car and put the leads on wrong and the battery wont hold a charge, whats wrong- 05 corsa?

hahaha, sorry to laugh, what uve done is something called reverse pollarity, 05 corsa should have the new gel type battery, if so, its done its job and killed itself cause u shorted it by fitting t... Read More »

Do i need my home modem to be turned on to get a wireless network?