Please help....dont ignore this?

Answer Ignored XD

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Please ignore?

:( :( Well, you've managed to prove that AB doesn't recognise user-generated HTML, Hc4361. So, no, you can't sneak an animated avatar onto here!Simple links do, of course, work:http://fc03.devian... Read More »

I'm a Learner rider and Car drivers ignore this?

No offense but if they are honking at you there must be a reason.If you are doing things that cause them to have to avoid hitting you then you aren't riding defensively.I understand they shouldn't ... Read More »

Why does this girl ignore me on facebook?

Listen up girlfriend here comes the truth and it is in this bowl.*points to truth bowl*Truth #1 She's just not that into youTruth #2 Sometimes she just doesn't have th... Read More »

Please please please help me get this off my laptop pleeeeeeease?

Download Ad Aware. It doesn't sound like it's a virus, it's probably just some spyware. Ad Aware is free and will remove all that stuff.