Please help....dont ignore this?

Answer Ignored XD

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What Does it Mean to Ignore Someone?

When you are ignoring someone, you are, in its basic form, not listening or responding to what the individual is doing, saying or thinking. A person who is ignoring someone may talk over another wh... Read More »

Please ignore?

:( :( Well, you've managed to prove that AB doesn't recognise user-generated HTML, Hc4361. So, no, you can't sneak an animated avatar onto here!Simple links do, of course, work:http://fc03.devian... Read More »

Why does my ex ignore me on msn?

Because they don't want to speak to you but obviosuly you will know if they block you after a while if they are suddenly never on msn. They don't want to be harsh.And if they keep ignoring you on m... Read More »

Do u ignore your partner while you use your pc?

I am while I answer this question. Nice avatar! ;-)