Please tell me whats the difference between hardware and software and whats a motherboard?

Answer Hardware is the stuff that goes to make-up your computer, such as, your Monitor, Tower cabinet, Printer, Keyboard ..etc..Software on the other hand is the stuff that makes your Computer work, such ... Read More »

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Whats the difference between a firewall and antivirus software thanks?

A firewall is a program that sits in between you and the internet, it analyses incoming and outgoing traffic to try to intercept threats to your security. It's mainly looking for hacking attempts. ... Read More »

Pls tell me whats the difference between Production, Product, Sales and marketing orientations ?

Product - the thing your going to sellProduction - how your going to make the thing your going to sellSales - how much you have or havnt soldMarketing Orientations - How & where your going to sell

Help please !! whats the difference between a laptop and note pad computer?

Generally a notebook is smaller and runs slower. You need to decide what you want it to do and get the best machine for the job. If you need something you can put in your pocket,you don't mind a ... Read More »

What is the Difference Between Hardware and Software?

Hardware and software work together in digital devices and systems to provide computerized functionality. Hardware includes the physical components, such as the motherboard, chips, memory, and hard... Read More »