Plz help, im having an argument on a youtube tutorial, can you change your ip address?

Answer Technically what you say is true, your IP is given to you by your ISP, some IP's are static and some are some are dynamic which means it can change every day. If you have a dynamic IP it is possibl... Read More »

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What is your favorite make-up tutorial on youtube ?

The one where the lady moves her head up and down to "vibrate" her "mascaras". Haha.

Can u make money from youtube making programming tutorial videos that are your own?

Sure. Instructional videos are fine if it's your content

How to Change Your Email Address on Your Amazon Kindle Account?

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader allows users to download and read electronic books in the Kindle-specific format. It also allows users to send documents to their Kindle e-mail address for file conver... Read More »

How can you change your YouTube name using the YouTube app on the iPhone 4?

You can't. I'm stuck with "TheWubbzter" but I've learned to live with it.