Pnp Vs. Npn Transistor?

Answer Transistors are semiconductor devices that have at least three terminals. A small current or voltage through the middle terminal is used to control the current flow through the others. They functio... Read More »

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What Is an SMD Transistor?

A surface mount device (SMD) transistor is a type of transistor that is soldered directly onto the surface of a computer component board. Although transistors mounted this way can break off more ea... Read More »

What Is an NPN Transistor?

An NPN transistor is the most common type of bipolar junction transistor, or BJT for short. BJTs are often referred to simply as transistors, and come in two main types: the NPN and the PNP. The "N... Read More »

What Is a FET Transistor?

A field-effect transistor (FET) is a three-terminal device that can control the amount of electricity allowed to pass through. FET transistors are able to switch or control electricity very rapidly... Read More »

What Is a CPU Transistor?

A transistor is a semiconducting device that switches and amplifies electronic signals. It has a minimum of three terminals that connect it to an electronic circuit. The transistor was invented dur... Read More »