Police tracing computer IP address?

Answer It's really hard 2 say what kind of offence would make police track U based on Ur going online on Ur computer. This might depend on which country U live in & what its cus2ms are. In the UK & poss... Read More »

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Tracing an ip address?

in command prompt(start, run, cmd) type in "tracert *ip*" without the quotes and where it says *ip* put in hte ip

Is it possible for the police to trace fraud to a single house address through an ip address?

Technically each IP address is identifiable and if the user is registered with an Internet provider then it is possible to locate the customer account and hence any details associated with it.The p... Read More »

Windows has detected an IP address conflict,another computer on this network has the same IP address?

If you have a router within your home so that you can connect more than one PC to your Internet, then the router assigns an internal IP address to each computer. For some reason it has given the s... Read More »

If i have a number how can i trace the address without going to the police?

If you're putting in an insurance claim, you need a police report to validate it. Otherwise, if you're just doing the stalker thing, I'm not sure that I want to help with that... sorry!