Poll: Do you prefer Myspace or Facebook?

Answer Facebook.I'm aged 30 years old and I think that Facebook targets my particular age group perfectly. Most of my similar aged friends also use Facebook.I think Myspace targets the younger teenage Int... Read More »

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POLL: What do you prefer: Facebook, Bebo or Myspace?

facebook all the way. it's sooo awesome! i dont like myspace after i see all these bad things about like the girl that killed herself. bebo......nahh! facebook is a yes!

Poll: myspace or facebook?

Myspace.But Facebook is more Professional, still Myspace though.

What do you prefer Facebook or Myspace?

Which do you prefer myspace/bebo/facebook/facepart…?

Facebook seems the current weapon of choice and as most are using that one, I tend to follow, wool flapping in the breeze as I trot along behind the rest.Myspace is now old-hat (madly, as doesn't s... Read More »