Poll-What Website is Newer?

Answer Google drive?

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How do I know which deed poll website to use?

You can you use any, you don't have to use any particular site. You can also go to a solicitor (although online agencies will be cheaper.)See should choo... Read More »

What would most of you buy a newer car thats high mileage or a older car low mileage?

older car...low mileage...i am in the process of car shopping myself...good luck!!!

Do i need a newer/better HDD?

Best way small solid state drive with the OS on it.. Large hard drive to store the games on...

Can I use an old pc to store my videos and connect it to my newer pc how do I do it?

Yes, it is possible to connect the two machines on a home network if the older machine has an ethernet socket (larger style phone socket type) but I doubt if it would be worth it, depending on the ... Read More »