Post HD Videos on Facebook?

Answer i suggest you to make your youtube account, then upload your HD video there then just share it to your friends wall. works all the time :)

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YouTube- i'm registered on YouTube but i don't post any videos. Someone has subscribed to the videos that?

Why do you care? You tube is open to anyone, what difference does it make that this person is looking at the same videos that you view. It sounds a bit paranoid.

Im scared to post my videos on youtube?

If it goes viral and on the homepage, you would be getting record companies and Ellen DeGeneres going after you, trying to find you and have you sing on a TV show or sign you. If it goes to that po... Read More »

My parents won't let me post videos on YouTube?

how can they stop you from posting videos on youtube? do they sit next to you all the time? just post them, name the videos something different so your parents wont be able to find them on youtube ... Read More »

Should I post videos of me singing on Youtube?

I will check it out for sure....C'mon show some confidence... ;)))