Post on facebook with pic of my baby and husband n threats to hurt him! What to do next?

Answer Report it to Facebook, if they don't do anything in the next 12-24 hours give Facebook a call and if they don't do anything about in the next 12-24 hours (Here's Facebook's phone number 650-543-480... Read More »

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What would be your next Facebook status after you had a argument with a person you fancied?

how about finding a song that u can relate too? then post some lines that relates to ur situation?

What would you like to askWhat's with the thing on facebook where girls post types of makeup as their status?

I personally haven't and haven't seen this happening.A lot of people post what they like to their facebook [there for cosmetics, clothing etc.]It may also be an inside joke or game.There are also l... Read More »

Want to get my ear done, next to my bottom one. Is it a good idea and does it hurt?

lobe piercings is like a little pinch, like getting a shot and they don't hurt after. as for your mom..tell her it's just an ear piercing and it's your body?

How to Post to Your Facebook Wall Without Sharing With Friends?

People post status updates, links, videos and photos to their Facebook Wall to keep friends and family up-to-date on their daily activities. These posts then show up in everyone's news feed when th... Read More »