Post on facebook with pic of my baby and husband n threats to hurt him! What to do next?

Answer Report it to Facebook, if they don't do anything in the next 12-24 hours give Facebook a call and if they don't do anything about in the next 12-24 hours (Here's Facebook's phone number 650-543-480... Read More »

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I am getting threats of violence through messages over facebook. Should i report it to the police?

You should report it NOW. Threatening others life is a crime. Your life is in danger, so you need to take extra precaution. Tell your family,friend,anyone so that they aware of your situation.

How to Say Congrats to the Husband for a Baby to Be?

When news about a pregnancy gets out, plans are made for the arrival of the baby with a baby shower for the mother. The father is rarely included in this celebratory ritual. If you want to congratu... Read More »

My ex has put my 6 year old son and 11 month baby on facebook,I contacted facebook who deleted it,its on again?

If your ex is also the parent of your children, I can't see how Facebook have any right to remove the pictures. Its Facebook, not anything seedy.EDIT, after further info.Ok. Record everything he do... Read More »

So, my husband has added the "sexiest friends" application on facebook?

You are a little, those sort of applications are taken with a pinch of salt, its more a way of saying.. "you're a great friend" rather than "i think your sexy". I dont know how old he is, but a lot... Read More »