Posting a video URL on Facebook?

Answer Looking at How He Does it All you have to Do is Copy and Paste the Video URL Into the Post Box Where you Go to Post and When you paste the link a Video Image Should Pop out if it Doesint Remove and... Read More »

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Posting a video in youtube and myspace...?

Try it and see what happens. If your video does violate copyright, it may get deleted on YouTube but would get "Copyright Blocked" on MySpace (you wouldn't be able to play it once uploaded)

Facebook Dev Posting Help?

as you can see, you cannot post code in yahoo answers - it gets all messed upare you trying to use FBML? that has been deprecatedit looks like you are trying to code in PHPyou are wasting time aski... Read More »

Am I weird for not posting status on my Facebook?

lol not at all ...the people who post every 5mins. are the freaks!

How can I block MeetMe posting activity on my Facebook?

Go to account setting the click app and website after that click the app then it should show up people you it to see only me mean hour the only one that your going to see its going to be private