Power-line, connectivity?

Answer You only have to by one more, just make sure it's the same type that you already haveI have 3 in my house so I know they work fine but I had to throw out the original two as the manufacturer had st... Read More »

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What is Power Line Networking?

Power line networking connects computers by using power outlets in the home. Its purpose is to provide a network easily and inexpensively with no new wires. It is one of the cheapest technologies ... Read More »

What Is a Power Line Communication?

Power line communication (PLC) is a technology that can allow data to be transmitted by an existing electricity infrastructure. Also known as broadband over power lines (BPL), power line communicat... Read More »

Have I connected my sub to the correct power line (car)?

i didn't get the image clearly, but the REM cable should be the blue with white stripe

How to Change a Power Steering Cooler Line on a Cavalier?

The power steering cooler on a Chevy Cavalier connects to the power steering pump with two lines. The purpose of the cooler is to remove heat from the power steering fluid, so it can better perform... Read More »