Answer When I do a presentation I usually have the first slide showing whilst the audience is assembling and on this slide are 3 or 4 quiz type questions such as "if a neighbour's peacock laid an egg in y... Read More »

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If I create a powerpoint using powerpoint 2003 does it work on another computer with the 2010 one?

Yes the file which is made in 2003 version will work on a 2010 version. You have to make some slight changes while saving the file. You can also use a PowerPoint ShortcutTools which is compactable... Read More »

How to Give a PowerPoint Presentation on a Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer?

PowerPoint Viewer is a program from Microsoft that allows you to view PowerPoint presentations that have been saved as PowerPoint SlideShow files. While you may view the files using all of the same... Read More »

How to Convert Powerpoint 95 Files to Powerpoint 2007?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a useful slide and presentation application with many features. Converting PowerPoint 95 files to the PowerPoint 2007 format is as simple as opening the file in the PowerPoi... Read More »

How to Put a Google Map Into PowerPoint on a Mac?

PowerPoint for the Mac works very much like it does for Windows. Mac users can add a Google Map to a PowerPoint slide to give an audience or reader information about driving directions or a visual ... Read More »