Pressing Shift and @ key makes " appear, and vice versa?

Answer Make sure your keyboard is set to UK English, as its set to USA English.Control Panel, Regional & Languages, On the first page at the top change the drop down to English (UK), At the bottom change... Read More »

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Ok My " come out as @ and vice versa WHY! Pleasee help?

Your keyboard settings, you've probably set your keyboard as a US layout. Even though you may not even realize.To change this, do the following; Method 1 (Category View)1. Click "Start" at the bott... Read More »

On my keyboard when i press the @ key it comes out as " and vice versa ...why?

you have the keyboard set to US go to control panel then regional and language options chang everything to english uk

I have to press shift and 2 to get a @, How do I change it back to pressing shift and the proper @ button?

Click on the Start button (bottom left of your desktop)Click on Control Panel, and then double click on the Regional and Language Options icon. (You may need to change to Classic View to see this ... Read More »

What happens if you put diesel in a petrol engine and vice versa?

Oh my god! I have just got my car back after doing this myself! I put £20 worth of unleaded petrol in a Deisel car. 200 yards down the road the car stopped and the engine stopped. The car was taken... Read More »