Printing Pictures From a DVD?

Answer He as done what i do mate he's locked the disc so you can only view on a dvd player no computer or other device can open them. That way if the person i did it for want's any prints off it i can the... Read More »

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I am thinking of starting a printing company. i do not have any printing qualification but do have interest?

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Hi i have a epson printer for printing paper can i use it for printing disc?

Yes you can buy Sheets of adhesive cd labels that you can print on. The often come with there own custom software, otherwise use Nero or Roxio to create your designs Read More »

Difference Between Screen Printing & Digital Printing?

Printing an image, logo, or design on a T-shirt or some other cloth article is a great way to convey messages, use company branding, or create unique merchandise. There are two ways to add a design... Read More »