Privacy issue on facebook..?

Answer delete face book and stop using it. the people who run it need to vet the comments and content being posted. i know of a person who through no fault or comments of their own lost their job through ... Read More »

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A difficult facebook issue?

maybe send facebook an email?just explain the situation? they will probably want to prove it someway but you wil find out how when they replygood luck

BlackBerry issue for facebook?

Hey jess. In your blackberry settings find application management and uninstall Facebook. Now preform a battery pull, remove the battery, reinsert the battery and allow to boot. Now reinstall FB th... Read More »

Facebook privacy?

Go to your privacy settings and change your friends to friends only

Facebook on iPhone chat issue?

You should download the Facebook Chat app, it's complete free and is much more interactive with Facebook chat. It gives notifications when people are messaging you, shows when they are typing, and ... Read More »